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Amazon, the largest online book retailer in the world, can be your best friend when it comes to promoting
and selling your books. While there are other selling platforms available, most self-published authors have
found Amazon to be the most lucrative in the long run.

Besides being a reliable selling platform, Amazon has other things to offer.


KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is Amazon’s way for authors to sell their e-books on Amazon. Authors get 35%
or 70% royalties, depending on the e-book’s list price and where it’s sold--one of the highest percentages

Note that readers don’t need a Kindle device to read a Kindle e-book. They read well on any tablet (like iPads)
or smartphone with a free app.

KDP Select

Authors can upload e-books to KDP and sell the same e-book elsewhere,unless they join KDP Select which
requires 90 days of digital exclusivity. In return, KDP Select pays higher royalties for sales in certain countries,
adds the e-book to the lending library for Amazon Prime members, and offers promotional options for free and
discounted books. The majority of my income comes from the royalties I receive from Amazon Prime members
borrowing my e-books.


CreateSpace is Amazon’s print-on-demand publishing service for paperbacks. There you can choose from
services such as printing, cover design, layout, formatting, editing, and marketing.
Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a service that pays you for linking to products on Amazon. It uses a tracking ID in each URL to identify who
directed the buyer to their site. You can use this link when promoting your own books and make an extra four to eight percent on each
sale. You also earn a commission from anything else that someone buys on Amazon if they got there from your initial link.

Amazon Author Central

The Amazon author page allows you to include your bio, photo, events, videos, and links to your website, blog, and Twitter page. Your
Author Central page appears on every book sales page on Amazon, so it cross-links other books you've published. If someone clicks
over to your author page, they can follow you and receive e-mails when you release new books.

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