Attention Chicago Authors

For those of you who live in or near Chicago, if you are not aware of the following groups, you may want to
check them out. Each offers a little something different. I have found all of them to be beneficial. Check out
their websites for all they have to offer, helpful resources, and when and where they meet.

Chicago Self-Publishing Group

Exploring all aspects of self-publishing, including eBooks, print on demand, book marketing, author
platforms, writing tools, publishing technology, editing, small presses, and much more, this group has over
250 members and meets monthly. They feature short presentations by self-published authors, book
marketers, and others involved in the wonderful world of indie publishing.

Chicago Women in Publishing (Men are welcome, too)

CWIP offers education, information, leadership, referrals, support, and networking opportunities for authors
and those in journalism, book publishing, public relations, corporate communications, marketing, editing,
technology, education, indexing, and other fields related to the publishing industry. Their monthly meetings
are well-attended and informative.
Chicago Writers Association

The Chicago Writers Association is dedicated to promoting the 4 C's of writing: creativity, commerce, craft and community. CWA strives

  • Foster a visible, supportive writing community.
  • Provide genuine, constructive feedback and access to resources.
  • Assist writers at all levels achieve their writing goals.
  • Build a bridge to unite all facets of Chicago's diverse literary culture.
  • Promote Chicago as a place of literary distinction.

Independent Writers of Chicago

Organization of freelance writing specialists supporting each other in their businesses, IWOC provides information and tools in the
form of regular meetings and online resources, fosters fellowship among  members with social events, and promotes exposure and
employment opportunities via their Find a Writer member directory, list of member websites, and Writers’ Line job board.

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