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If your goal is to become a successful author, you will need to build an effective platform, and you can begin
the  process even before you have a book to sell. In fact, you should start the process before you have a book
to sell. Let's start with a definition.

    “An author platform is a plan of action that conveys your expertise and credibility to others in an
    effort to build a successful writing career.”

Platform is your visibility so that others know who you are and how to find you and your books.

NOTE: If you’re a celebrity, you can stop reading now—you have a built-in platform.

Think of building an author platform the same way you would think about building a career in banking, politics,
hotel management, or just about any other occupation. It’s a gradual evolving process that serves as the
foundation for reaching your career goals. It involves education, experience, and hard work.

Example: Before I retired to write novels, I worked in the corporate world. My last position was Regional
Director of Administration for a $75 billion company. It took years to attain that level position—years of gaining
expertise,  fostering relationships, and establishing a credible reputation—years of building an effective
platform. It took time, and building an author platform is no different.
Author Platform
Unfortunately, author platforms are not “one size fits all.” They depend on an author’s niche, target audience, strengths, and personal
goals. In fact, an effective platform should affirm an author’s uniqueness—what sets him apart from his competitors.

A strong author platform will result in improved or increased:

  • Credibility/validity
  • Exposure/visibility
  • Meaningful contacts
  • Influence over others
  • Target audience
  • Fan base

The quality of your platform will have a direct affect on the success of your book. You can put as little or as much time into it as you
deem appropriate.

Remember, one of the benefits of being a self-published author is that you have full control over your destiny. There are no agents or
publishers telling you what to do. You’re in charge. You’re the one in the driver’s seat. Wait a minute. That’s also the scary part.
"Nothing that's worthwhile is ever easy." Nicholas Sparks is claiming ownership of this quote, but I think he may have borrowed the
premise from one of Teddy Roosevelt's famous quips. Either way, it's true.

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