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You have your front and back cover and the story sandwiched in between. Before we talk about what pages
should proceed and succeed the story, let's talk about the story pages themselves.

Paper Color

Most printers will offer at least two color options for the print version of your book--white and ivory. There is no
right or wrong choice, but I prefer white for contemporary books and ivory for historical ones.

Font Size

Choosing a font size for the print version of your book is a bit of a balancing act. You want it small to keep the
number of pages down (and therefore printing costs down), but you don't want to frustrate readers by making
them strain to read the words. I am told by the person I've used to format my last three books that size 12 is
pretty standard.

E-books are a little different in that most e-readers have the ability to adjust the font size. Size 12 tends to be
standard here as well.

Page Headers/Footers

There are several combinations of ways you can format the pages with headers and footers. I personally like my
name on each left-hand page header and the title of the book on the right-hand side. And I like page numbers in
the footers, close to the outer edge of the page. There's no rule on it--whatever tickles your fancy.

Title Page

Keep the title page simple--the title of the book and your name are all that's required. Use this page for your autograph in your paperback
and hard cover formatted books.

Copyright/Disclaimer Page

Next comes the copyright information, ISBN and LCCN numbers, and any disclaimer statement.

    Copyright © YEAR by YOUR NAME (if you're self-published)
    All rights reserved.


    This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used
    fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Acknowledgements Page

Writing a book often involves assistance from others--people who were the source of valuable information that you used, editors, graphic
designers, illustrators, beta readers, formatters, proofreaders, as well as those whose support during the process was greatly
appreciated. An acknowledgements page gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for their help and give them credit for their

Keep it short and sweet--one page should do it. Take a look at the Acknowledgement pages of other books to get a feel for how they are
typically crafted.

Dedication Page

There are times when a Dedication page is appropriate, most often when there is someone extraordinarily special in your life without
whom you wouldn't have been able to write the book. Or you may want to dedicate your book in memory of someone. Dedications can be
sentimental, funny, cryptic, or touching. Comprised of very few words, Dedications are typically just one sentence.


Review Request

I like to include a review request on the page immediately following the end of the story--when it's still fresh in the reader's mind. Here is
one I've used:

    I hope you enjoyed reading TITLE of BOOK and will consider posting a short review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Reviews and
    word-of-mouth referrals play an important role in helping authors promote their books, and your help in this regard is much

Other Books

Your current book is a good opportunity to promote your other books. I include a brief synopsis, an excerpt from my favorite review, and
purchase information for each book.

About the Author

A page that tells readers a little about you can have a big impact on them. Include a photo so they can put a face with your name. Keep it
short and light. Include humor and interesting facts about yourself. Include your contact information and links to your website, blog,
Amazon and Goodreads author pages, and social media pages.

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