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We're all familiar with the general concept of branding when it comes to our everyday life. We  immediately know
what to expect when we see or hear mention of the Nike, McDonald's, and Amazon brands for example.
Branding for authors is the same concept.

For authors, your brand is your name--when people hear it, you want them to immediately think of your product.

There are many ways to create awareness of your brand, and they are all about exposure. The more exposure
you get, the more recognizable your brand will be. The more recognizable your brand, the more sales you'll

They say it takes 7-10 impressions for people to recall your brand. Here are some ways to get your brand out

  • Write good books - this is always #1!
  • Hand out business cards
  • Use a signature block on e-mails that includes links to you and your books
  • Hand out promotional items
  • Participate in interviews
  • Do speaking engagements
  • Promote your website/blog
  • Use social media pages to their fullest advantage
  • Participate in book club discussion groups
  • Participate in online discussion groups
  • Write articles
  • Guest post on blogs
  • Exhibit in book fairs

Caution: Like any other brand name, yours is an implied promise to the consumer that they will consistently
receive a specific kind of product from you--if you deviate from it, you risk losing credibility.

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