Regarding Anna
After recovering from the shock of her parents’ death, Grace Lindroth
discovers a box in their attic that contains enough suspicious items to lead
her to believe that the people she had called Mom and Dad her whole life
may not have been her real parents.

Tormented by the uncertainty of her identity, Grace searches for answers,
and when certain clues draw her to a boardinghouse once owned by Anna
Vargas, she becomes convinced that Anna was her real mother.

The lies and deceit that Grace unearths in her pursuit of the truth causes
her to be distrustful of just about everyone, but heighten her determination
to uncover what she believes is essential for her to go on with her life.
With bits of humor, a few moments of sheer fright, pathos, and
dogged detecting, [Osmund] wraps [the story] up in a nice, tidy ending
that will make you lean back and sigh, thinking, ‘yes, that’s the way it
should be.'

                                                         --Awesome Indies
Things that happen to you in the past can mold
you into someone you’re not.
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