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Lee Winekoop suffered a childhood fraught with criticism and
isolation. Now twenty-six, confused and emotionally bankrupt, he
leaves his dysfunctional upper-class family to find his true self.

In pursuit of cultivating a meaningful life for himself, Lee discovers a
world poles apart from the one he had left behind and an assortment
of unforgettable characters to go with it. But just when things start
falling into place, a well-intentioned domestic servant divulges an
alarming family secret that causes Lee to question who he is and
where he’s going.
Red Clover is a wonderfully written detailed story about a
man overcoming his upbringing and becoming his own
man. The finished product, both the man and the story,
are exemplary.

                                   --Windy City Reviews
Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine
feeling like an outsider in your own family.

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