After a long career in corporate America, Florence Osmund retired to write
novels. "I like to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own
beliefs and values," Osmund states. Florence’s website www.novelelements.
com offers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to
begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, and book
promotion. Florence lives in the heart of Chicago on the shore of Lake
Michigan where she continues to write literary fiction.
Title: Living with Markus
Publication date: 4/7/2016
Paperback pages: 286
ISBN: 978-0-9915185-5-5
ASIN: 0991518551
LCCN: 2016905603
   After building a successful landscaping business,
thirty-one-year-old Marc Nussbaum has visions of enjoying the
finer things in life, and he's found the perfect woman to enjoy it
with him. But when his dysfunctional family members enter the
picture, he falls victim to their helplessness and loses sight of
his own dreams.
   Following painful soul-searching, Marc must decide whether to
continue saving his relatives from their ill-fated lives or save
himself from a life of self-sacrifice and missed opportunities.
When he finally realizes his real purpose in life, he discovers it
isn't at all what he thought it would be.
Title: Regarding Anna
Publication date: 2/26/2015
Paperback pages: 272
ISBN: 978-0-9915185-2-4
ASIN: 0991518551
LCCN: 2016905603
   After recovering from the shock of her parents’ death, Grace
Lindroth discovers clues in their attic that cause her to believe
the people she called Mom and Dad her whole life may not have
been her real parents.
   In her search for the truth, Grace encounters people whose
actions cause her to be distrustful of just about everyone,
making her mission that much more difficult but heightening her
determination to uncover what she believes is essential for her
to go on with her life.
Title: Red Clover
Publication date: 2/22/2014
Paperback pages: 248
ISBN: 978-0-9915185-0-0
ASIN: 0991518500
LCCN: 2014903283
   Lee Winekoop suffered a childhood fraught with criticism and
isolation. Now twenty-six, confused and emotionally bankrupt,
he leaves his dysfunctional upper-class family to find his true
self. In pursuit of cultivating a meaningful life for himself, Lee
discovers a world poles apart from the one he had left behind
and an assortment of unforgettable characters to go with it.
   But just when things start falling into place, a well-intentioned
domestic servant divulges an alarming family secret that
causes Lee to question who he is and where he’s going.
Title: The Coach House
Publication date: 4/26/2012
Paperback pages: 351
ISBN: 978-1-4679465-1-3
ASIN: 1467946516
   Newlyweds Marie Marchetti and her husband Richard have
the perfect life together. Or at least it seems until Marie
discovers his involvement with people and activities that
make her run for her life.
   Fate draws her to Atchison, Kansas, where she rents a
coach house apartment tucked away behind a three-story
Victorian home that she believes is a safe refuge and perfect
place to start over. Richard isn’t about to let her go so easily
and continues to seduce her into his world, yet it is the
discovery of her real father and his surprising heritage that
changes Marie’s life more than Richard ever could.
Title: Daughters
Publication date: 2/19/2013
Paperback pages: 357
ISBN: 978-1-4782683-3-8
ASIN: 1478268336
LCCN: 2015902745
   Twenty-four-year-old Marie Marchetti has just experienced
a life-altering revelation—the identity of her real father. As
she packs for her first visit with him and his family, she
wonders how her life is about to change, how they will
receive her, and what she will learn about her own identity.
   A lot happens as a result of Marie’s Thanksgiving visit, and
in her search for peace and truth in her life, she quickly
learns that disparate lives can converge and interact in
profound and surprising ways. But ironically the most
consequential outcome of her visit unexpectedly grows out of
an encounter with a twelve-year-old girl named Rachael.