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What easier way is there for writers to gain exposure than by showing off their writing skills? Consider these

Online Interviews

Many if not most book bloggers post author interviews on their sites. Not only is this a chance for exposure for
you and your books, but a chance to show off your creativity and writing style. This site includes a source of
bloggers by genre .


A great way to gain exposure, increase your credibility as an author, and help your fellow authors at the same
time is to write and publish articles. One excellent platform in which to do this is, a
searchable database of hundreds of thousands of original articles posted by people like you and me. After I
post an article on this site, I can expect a big hike in the number of visitors to my website and many shared

Short Stories

Another way to showcase your writing skills and potentially garner new fans is by writing short stories. Here
are two links to sites where you can publish short stories.
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