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The Press
The news media can help you get exposure that can help to build your reputation as an author and lead to book
sales. They can announce the release of your new book or help you gain interviews and media attention for your
existing books. They can help you connect with editors, producers, reporters, broadcasters, columnists,
podcasters, bloggers--people who have audiences and a platform from which to promote you and your work.

What are the chances that someone with an audience will hear about you through the press and promote your
work? They're probably low, but all it takes is one person with an interest in your story at that particular moment
in time. It's all about timing...and a little luck. Following the press release for my first book
The Coach House, I
was contacted by CPRTV,  a local Chicago TV program serving the Filipino/Asian/Hispanic community. Its
founder, Veronica Leighton, thought her audience might like the ethnic thread that runs through the book and
invited me into her studio for an interview. You just never know where your next connection will be.

As with your other book promotion efforts, it's all about exposure--the more you get the better. And what better
way to get exposure than with the press.

Media Kit

Always have a media kit available to send to the media when asked or to hand out at book signings, speaking
engagements, conferences, and any other place where there is potential for self-promotion.
Click here for my
press page. At a minimum, include the following:

  • Book summary
  • Press release
  • Select book reviews
  • Author bio and head shot
  • Image of book cover
  • Where to buy the book
  • Author contact information
Press Releases

Press releases get the message out about your books to hundreds if not thousands of people at TV and radio stations, newspapers,
magazines, book stores, book clubs, book discussion groups, book reviewers--anyone who may be interested in talking about your

Anyone can write a press release. There are templates available such as on, and for do-it-yourself ones. If you want to engage a service, try, or A free service is

Not everyone agrees that press releases are worthwhile. My thinking is that all it takes is one person—one right person—to read it and
act upon it. The right connection can potentially make a big difference. You never know.

Here are some stats on the press release I had for Regarding Anna in March 2015. I used and paid $99 for the service.

Total Headline Impressions (cumulative)

    Day 1: 16,179
    Day 2: 18,241
    Day 3: 20,120
    Day 4: 21,911
    Day 5: 22,007

Full reads

    Day 1: 715
    Day 2: 88
    Day 3: 62
    Day 4: 53
    Day 5: 5

There were 1,561 media deliveries.

There were 17 release interactions (1 pdf, 9 printed, 4 hovered over iFrame, 3 viewed iFrame)

Two other sites picked it up ( and

It was picked up on Google 9 times and Yahoo 25 times.

There were no social media engagements.

So what does this all mean to me? It appears that PRWeb did a fair job at distribution, but my release was likely just one of thousands
during this time period that was read by the people who read such things. Only 4.2% of the people who received it actually read it, and
then only 17 people did something with it—it would be interesting to know who they were, but this data is not available. All I know is that
no one contacted me and said, “I just read your press release and...”

So maybe it was a waste of $99, but that’s the risk you take with paid advertising.

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