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The Ultimate List of Links for Authors

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    1.  $3  Contests and Awards for Writers (16 links)  

  • Lists of awards for indie authors
  • How to spot and avoid award fakes and profiteers

    2.  $3  Education Opportunities for Writers (18 links)

  • On-line courses, classes, and webinars (some free, some for a fee)
  • Lists of universities offering on-line courses
  • Trade journals for writers
  • Websites that include educational opportunities
  • Writer reference books

    3.  $3  Building an Author Platform (14 links)

  • What is an author platform?
  • How to build an author platform
  • Mistakes to avoid when building an author platform

    4.  $3  Book Promotion and Marketing (24 links)

  • Promotion and marketing strategies
  • Sites to promote free and discounted books
  • Book launching steps
  • Helpful websites for book launching
  • Promotion and marketing resources
  • Promotional material vendors
  • Book clubs
  • How to make your manuscript marketable
  • Lists of relevant articles

    5.  $3  Where to Find Readers and Reviewers (10 links)

  • Top book review organizations
  • Indie book vetting organizations
  • Sources for book reviewers
  • Lists of reviewers
  • Relevant articles

    6.  $3  Publishing Scams (13 links)

  • Publishing scams and how they work
  • How to identify and avoid scams
  • Resources for avoiding scams

    7.  $3  The Self-Publishing Industry (16 links)

  • How the self-publishing industry works
  • How to choose a service provider
  • List of self-publishing resources
  • How to self-publish a book
  • Self-publishing industry news sites
  • General advice for self-published authors

    8.  $3  Social Media for Authors (10 links)

  • Best social media sites for writers
  • Social media strategy for authors
  • Biggest social media mistakes

    9.  $3  Author Websites and Blogs (31 links)

  • Lists of websites and blogs for writers
  • Top author websites and blogs
  • How to increase your own website/blog traffic
  • Building a better website/blog

    10.  $3  Writing Advice, Tools and Tips (12 links)

  • Lists of resources to help improve writing skills
  • Steps for writing a novel
  • Writing tips
  • Writing tools
  • Writing advice
Anyone can create lists such as these by searching the Internet...but it takes time to find
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authors. Note: You will need a
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I update the lists quarterly--deleting links that contain outdated information and adding
new ones I find. If you order all ten categories, I'll send you three subsequent quarterly
Florence Osmund

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lists, please
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